Moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemics

How long before my move should I start preparing?

The world has changed profoundly in the past few weeks, especially regarding traveling and moving. If you are among the ones who do have to move, let us consider some of the most important things. The first one is definitely an awareness of what is going on around you and in your destination country in regard to the coronavirus outbreak. Carefully plan every step of your moving process. There are several choices for you, and you should decide on the one that suits you best. Moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic may mean you should schedule the move for a convenient moment, which can grant you more time to plan all the important details. Whatever your circumstances may be, here are the most important considerations for moving abroad in these times.

Legal requirements

Having all the required documents for entering a foreign country is of high priority. Check your passport expiry date. If it’s not valid for at least six months, most countries will not issue you a visa or allow entrance. In that case, you should apply and get a new one issued. Also check the working hours as institutions may have changed their application procedures and working time during the coronavirus worldwide crisis. Once you’ve established that your passport is valid, get information about visa regulations. These vary from country to country: some require a visa issued in advance, some will issue a visa upon arrival. Make sure you are well-informed about what visa-related regulations are in force in your destination country. If you are moving abroad to work, ensure you have copies of the employment contract or work permit paperwork. Finally, if you are planning to take your pet with you, look for the necessary documentation you will need.

Health insurance

Getting health insurance is always important to think about, even more so if you are moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic. Many countries offer insurance that covers only basic medical needs so it is wise to get yourself international medical insurance. Such insurance provides comprehensive health coverage including emergency medical help, pregnancy and childbirth services and dental treatments. Check some of the individual and family plans they offer and choose the one that is suitable and affordable for you.

What to pack and what to leave?

Deciding on what to take with you largely depends on whether you are moving alone, with a spouse, or with the whole family. Shipping things overseas can be costly, so you should prioritize your packing list. Keep in mind that most airlines allow one bag per person (usually up to 30 kg) and that fees for any extra kilos can be pretty high. Baggage allowance varies with different airline companies so make sure to check it before you start packing. If you are moving for work, check with your employer whether you get a relocation allowance and how much it is. If you get one, you can even consider moving your favorite pieces of furniture, heirlooms, and valuables. In this situation, you can consider moving to a new country with reliable professionals, which will make the moving process much easier. You will then have enough space to think about other things related to your moving to another country.

moving abroad

Practical packing is essential for moving abroad in these trying times

Moving abroad with a suitcase or two

If you are single or with a spouse without kids, and you are planning on moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic, you can simply pack your most important personal belongings. These primarily include necessary items like clothes and an essential hygiene kit. Also remember to pack legally required documents like passport and visa, and things of some sentimental value like books, photographs, and maybe jewelry. Talk to ex-pats living in the country who can give you some practical advice. If you live without too many possessions, your relocation abroad will be a piece of cake. Just follow all the coronavirus pandemic prevention measures and keep safe throughout the journey.

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Hire a professional moving company,
stay stress-free and have fun exploring your new destination

Moving abroad with children

Moving abroad with young children demands more thorough planning. Depending on the children’s age parents usually need to think about finding the following in a new country:

  1. Nurseries
  2. Schools
  3. Au-pair agencies
You can organize online enrollment in nurseries and schools and find appropriate nannies for looking after the kids at home. Contact the nursery/school, follow the procedure and enroll your child. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many educational institutions organize online classes. They may allow your child to attend some classes in advance and get familiar with the new teachers and new classmates. This will allow an easy, stress-free adaptation and smooth transition for your children. No. Our drivers, although professional drivers, do not have the proper licensing to take passengers. Additionally, the truck will be making frequent stops along their route to pick up and deliver shipments.

Professional help with moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic

When relocating during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting a professional moving company such as may be the best choice. Contact them online, do your calculations, and have the professionals take care of each step. They organize packing, loading, transport, unloading and getting your things into a new home. They can also offer affordable storage solutions in case you are still to find your new house. This will keep you away from other people and help you maintain social distancing required during the pandemic.

Explore your new destination

Use your free time to search the net and get to know your new country. However, Moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic will make that a little harder – but not impossible. Join existing forums and ask questions about everyday practical things. Information as simple as the taxi cost can make your life easier once you get there. Look for stores, parks, gyms and see how close they are. Bookmark the favorite restaurants and wait for your relocation with excitement. Learn more about the local culture and tradition as well as the workplace norms and rules. It may take you some time to adapt, but that is a common challenge and you can overcome the barriers in no time. Prepare yourself to immerse in the new environment, stay positive and enjoy your new life.